Forex trading for beginners.

Many of you already know that for some time now, the Forex market can trade any person. This is thanks to the fact that there were-brokers (brokers), which allow to enter the market with a real, but not a lot of money at $50. But few know that just were special programs (forex advisors) that are able to trade in the market automatically. These smart trading robots can themselves analyze the market, open positions to take profits, etc. Simply put, they completely replace live human trader. Students, housewives, pensioners, workers and businessmen — now everyone can earn on Forex, if it is even slightly acquainted with the computer. This site is completely dedicated to earning at Forex with a unique most profitable, and most importantly free trading robot Ilan 1.6 Dynamic, which allows to increase the deposit of 50% on average per month. If you do not understand the market, but you have a desire to trade in the Forex market and earn real money, then read on.

Forex advisor Ilan 1.6 — is an automated trading system (trading robot), which allows you to earn real money in the Forex market without any knowledge of the financial markets and technical analysis charts. This trading robot operates using only mathematical algorithms (Martingale principle) to work with charts of currency pairs. Just download Ilan, installed on one of the graphs and he immediately begins to trade. Forex Advisor Ilan1.6dynamic when properly configured, allows you to increase your initial deposit up to 50% per month. To start trading in the Forex market with advisors, you need to go through three steps.

Registration in the LiteForex.

One of the best for beginners dealing center is the company LiteForex. Beginners Forex market (Forex), those who are just beginning to learn to trade in the foreign exchange market, LiteForex offers mini accounts with low initial deposit, creating the necessary conditions for the experience of real trade with minimal risk.

To register for the dealing center, go to the following link. On the opened page click on «Open trading account«, fill in all required fields. Enter your info: e-mail, phone number and address must be yours — you need in the future for withdrawal. After registration is passed, we go into the personal and open a new account. For beginners I recommend opening an account type LITE, to trade in small amounts — from $50 to $1000. Choose 1:500 leverage, the other default settings. It is worth noting that all of the advisor on this site are given under this account Lite and these settings.

The newly created account you need to make money. Ways of updating a lot, such as credit cards like Visa, etc.

Installation of the terminal and adviser Ilan1.6dynamic.

Trading platform (MetaTrader) — is a special program that allows you to make transactions on the foreign exchange market through the dealing desk. Program must be downloaded from the official website and install it on your computer. For it to work connecting to the Internet and the computer must be turned on continuously.

Download advisor Ilan 1.6 Dynamic on this link and copy it to the folder c:\Program Files (x86)\LiteForex MT4\MQL4\Experts\ (this path may be different if the terminal is set to a different folder). Then run the terminal, if it is running, close it and start again. In the Navigator on the left in the list of advisors will Ilan1.6Dynamic. Open the symbol GBP/USD, switch the periodicity for M5. Now drag and drop the adviser at this graph, you should see a window with the settings ilan 1.6 expert advisor.

The expert advice and trading.

Recommended symbol GBP/USD. For other couples, it is recommended that you check the work in the Strategy tester (F6). Periodicity: M5, M15. All settings are relevant, for cent for a trading account LITE. The entire optimization and testing is done for him.Of all the options trading robot, we change only one — Lots. Lots — the most important parameter that directly affects the income. Recommend setting the following, depending on your deposit:

  • from $ 100 to $ 200 — 0.1
  • from $ 200 to $ 400 — 0.2
  • from $ 400 to $ 700 — 0.3
  • from $ 700 to $ 900 — 0.4
  • from $ 900 to $ 1200 — 0.5, etc.

Leave all the other settings as default. You can experiment with the other settings in the strategy tester. Once done all the required settings, click OK. Working robot should look like this. ilan 1.6 dynamic картинка All, trade has started!

And do not forget, the Forex market is open every day except weekends. Your computer must be on and be constantly online.

This text is a free translation. If you have any questions, ask them ilan16@yandex.ru, I’ll try to help. Good luck!

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